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Icelandic Version Of Polish Newspaper Hits The Streets

Published January 18, 2014

Photos by
Olek Remesz / Wikimedia Commons

Young Polish immigrants in Iceland have begun distributing free copies of an Icelandic version of Metro, a free daily newspaper from Poland.

Vísir reports that the Association of Polish Youth in Iceland has, in cooperation with journalists abroad, published a special edition of Metro in Icelandic.

The paper focuses on Polish culture. This includes interviews with Poles living in Reykjavík as well as Icelanders who have established a special connection with Poland.

Copies of this Icelandic version of Metro can be found around Reykjavík, mostly in cafés, libraries and schools.

Metro is printed daily in Poland, with 500,000 copies hitting the streets every day. There is as yet no word on whether or not it will continue to be printed in Iceland, or if Polish journalists might begin running Icelandic news in Polish.

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