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Russian Photographs 1/1000 of Icelandic Population

Published January 17, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photos by
Photographer Varya Lozenko plans to photograph 1/1000 of the Icelandic population, reports Vísir. The project, called ‘320 Icelanders’ features people of all ages, ethnic groups, are unplanned and not staged.
“I knew nothing of the country itself but knew that Björk was from there. I became fascinated by the country right away. I was fascinated by the people, how peaceful it is, how well nature has been preserved. I felt every single person I met was unique and so decided to start the project.” Lozenko said.
Lozenko is half way through her project now and aims to finish it this spring, marking the end of her journey with an exhibition.
To look at some of Lozenko’s pictures from the ‘320 Icelanders’ project, check out her Facebook Page.
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