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Fluoride Levels In Sheep “Worrying”

Published January 16, 2014

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Christian Bickel

Levels of fluoride in sheep being raised near an aluminium smelter are just under the “danger mark”, which an expert at the Environmental Agency says is cause for “worry”.
RÚV The fluoride levels discovered were measured at 3,000 microgrammes per gramme of bone ash from three sheep, and 3,900 microgrammes in one in six sheep at Slétta. The “danger mark” for fluoride concentrations is 4,000 to 6,000 microgrammes. Before the smelter began operations, fluoride levels in sheep were usually somewhere around only 800 microgrammes.
Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir of the Environmental Agency expressed concerns about these results, saying, “We are worried about this. We need to pay close attention to this, and continue investigations.”
The environmental study of the region around the smelter began
a year ago Since then, Alcoa has warned farmers in the region of the emissions, and conducted tests Dagmar Ýr Stefánsdóttir, a spokesperson for Alcoa, told reporters that the fluoride levels are higher than the company would like to see, and they want to do better.


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