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Ministry The Only Possible Source Of Leak

Published December 15, 2013

A document containing personal information about an asylum seeker, which was leaked to the media last month, is nowhere on record at the Directorate of Immigrants or The Police Commissioner.

In fact, none of the staff there remember ever having seen it.

This is contrary to what the Minister of the Interior, Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, has previously told media, but she has claimed that the police, the Directorate (UTL) and the asylum seeker’s lawyer all had a copy of the document too.

As reported, the document, titled “Memo regarding Tony Omos” was leaked to selected media after Mr Omos had gone into hiding because he was supposed to be deported from Iceland.

It read that Mr Omos had been linked with an investigation of human trafficking and that he might not be the father of the baby his girlfriend is carrying.

The minister appeared before the Constitutional and Supervisory Committee on Tuesday, to answer for how this information could have leaked from the ministry.
DV has enquired whether the leak could have come from the Police
Commissioner and UTL, but both offices have replied saying they have no record of the memo and that no member of staff in either place recalls having seen it.

DV also contacted Jóhannes Tómasson, PR officer at the Ministry of the Interior, whether the ministry would investigate how a memo from the ministry could possibly have wound up with selected media.

Jóhannes said he would look into it. A week later DV restated its enquiry and Jóhannes said he was still looking into the matter.

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