From Iceland — Herring Not Scared Of The Rolling Stones

Herring Not Scared Of The Rolling Stones

Published December 9, 2013

After various attempts to scare it away, the herring in Kolgrafarfjörður won’t budge. Not even the music of The Rolling Stones managed to get the fish moving.

As reported, there have been concerns about the oxygen levels dropping in the sea in Kolgrafarfjörður, causing mass death of the herring that’s swum into the bay.

The Coast Guard tried explosives to scare the herring back out to sea and even though it did cause it to move around a bit within the bay, it just returned as soon as the explosions stopped.

Next, scientists from the Marine Research Institute provided recordings of killer whale sounds, which were blasted through underwater speakers, hoping that would scare the herring away.

The results were that the noise had an impact on herring within 30 m radius of the boats but the technique did not work to systematically round the herring up and out of the bay.

Scientists now having concluded that the oxygen levels in the bay are in fact sufficient for a while for the 60,000 tons of herring estimated to be in the sea, the guys sailing around with the underwater speakers decided to try one more thing before giving up, Mbl reports.

They blasted The Rolling Stones’ ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Satisfaction’ for the herring which was even less scared of the music than the killer whale sounds so this attempt failed as well.

There was no mentioning of whether the herring actually liked the music or preferred it over the killer whale sounds, just that it showed complete indifference to The Rolling Stones.

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