From Iceland — Police Working With US Secret Service?

Police Working With US Secret Service?

Published November 18, 2013

Information from secret files released by WikiLeaks indicates that the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police is working closely with a US secret service unit.

Carol van Voorst, former Ambassador to Iceland, delivered a report on security affairs in Iceland on 26 February 2009.

It shows that the National Commissioner’s department of research and analysis collaborated with officers of GRPO or Global Research Planning Office, reports.

DV enquired to the National Commissioner what GRPO is and whether the Icelandic police was working with that unit. The Commissioner’s reply read: “You will have to go to the US Embassy with this matter.”

GRPO is referred to in 220 embassy documents attained and released by WikiLeaks. It’s always referred to by its acronym except in a single document from 2007 where its full title is revealed.

When DV requested information about GRPO to the US Embassy, the reply read: “We unfortunately have no information about the existence of a US unit called GRPO. Sorry.”

No information can either be found on the Internet about this mysterious unit.

From the documents released by WikiLeaks it appears that GRPO gathers data for American embassies all over the world such as Bulgaria, Ecuador, Somalia, Kazakhstan and Saudi-Arabia, to name a few.

Former NSA official, whom DV contacted, surmised in a written reply that GRPO is some sort of a US secret service unit.

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