From Iceland — University Students Getting Sexy On Campus

University Students Getting Sexy On Campus

Published November 12, 2013

Larissa Kyzer

Nearly 15% of respondents to an informal survey on the website say that they have had sex on the University of Iceland campus. The majority of respondents say that they have at least thought about having sex on campus, while a third say that they often look around school for good places to have sex.
Following the survey, which was administered by Masters’ students in journalism and reporting, three current students who have had sex on campus took part in an anonymous interview. They all chose a bathroom stall for their trysts.
“It was fun to have experienced that and to be able to see the place now and laugh to myself,” said one of the female interviewees. “School isn’t just a place to study.” This woman has enjoyed two sexual encounters in a disabled toilet stall on campus, quickly changing into (and out of) her BDSM gear before then rushing back to class.
After getting restless with his studies, another young man decided to realize an old fantasy and have sex in the library (bathroom), which he said not only has enough space, but also has convenient hooks on which to hang one’s clothes. “The mirrors are also nice and big and provide a fun and exotic view of the whole thing,” he said.
Another interviewee often stays at university until late in the evening. She said that by having sex with her spouse on campus around dinner time, she can avoid feeling guilty for coming home so late.
According to the survey summary, it has been proven that sex reduces stress and aids in creating bonds because of the hormone oxytocin, which is released at the time of orgasm. Two of the interviewees say they have had orgasms while having sex on campus, and then have been more energetic and alert when they then returned to their studies.
41% of respondents to the survey believed that having sex on campus constitutes indecent public behavior, but around 20% disagreed, so long as the act takes place behind closed doors. (The remaining respondents said that the ethicality of the act depended on the circumstances, or chose not to answer the question at all.)
50% of those who took the survey believed it was a good idea to have sex during school or work time, and said that doing so would be refreshing or uplifting. 90% of respondents believed that sex can reduce stress.
70 individuals took part in the survey, which was advertised on online university message boards. 43 women and 23 men, aged 18 to 40 participated, as well as four people who did not identify their gender. The majority of respondents could name a suitable place to have sex on campus, with bathrooms for the disabled being the most popular location.

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