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“Defrauded” Man Charged With Solicitation

Published October 14, 2013

A man who filed fraud charges against a teenage girl for accepting money for sex with him, but then declining, is now facing charges of soliciting prostitution.
As reported, the girl in question was 16 years old when she agreed to have sex with a man she met on the dating site Einkamál, for the agreed-upon price of 20,000 ISK. When the two met, and she took his money but then ran away, the man in question went to the police to file fraud charges against her.
Those charges have been dismissed by both Reykjavík District Court and the Supreme Court, and now, RÚV reports, the man is being charged with solicitation of prostitution.
By Icelandic law, buying sex is a crime. Furthermore, while the age of consent in Iceland is 15, it is illegal for someone over the age of 18 to offer someone younger than 18 money for sex.

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