From Iceland — Police Confirm: No Refund In Drug Deals

Police Confirm: No Refund In Drug Deals

Published October 8, 2013

Law enforcement will not help you get your money back from a drug dealer if you fail to get your “stuff”, police have confirmed.
DV reports that last weekend, police in the southwest region of Suðurnes interrupted a drug deal in a local restaurant. What followed surprised even the police.
The police report that two men were approached by police officers in the restaurant, one of whom was holding a “clear bag”, presumably of controlled substances. The man holding the bag made a dash for the restaurant bathroom, where he managed to flush the bag down the toilet.
Matters might have ended there, were it not for the other suspect, who told the police that he had bought “stuff” from the first suspect. This prompted police to search the both of them. While the suspect who made it to the bathroom was found to be clean, the other suspect was in possession of hashish.
The suspect with the hash, the police say, repeatedly asked the police return to him the 5,000 ISK he had already paid the other suspect for “the stuff” he bought, which was now long flushed away.
The alleged dealer, who police say was both intoxicated and upset, was arrested and taken to the local station. The 5,000 ISK in question was confiscated by police, much to the chagrin of the alleged buyer.

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