From Iceland — Police To Put Emphasis On Phoning And Driving

Police To Put Emphasis On Phoning And Driving

Published October 7, 2013

Capital area police have announced that they are going to start putting special emphasis on pulling over people caught driving while talking on their mobile phones.
Capital area police have been increasing their presence on traffic patrol recently. While they use unmarked cars, it is common for the police to announce on their Facebook page when and where they intend to have patrols set up.
DV reports that the police not only intend to continue this campaign; they will also be putting special emphasis on a number of illegal driving habits.
These driving habits include, but are not limited to, not wearing a seatbelt, not using a turn signal, and talking on a mobile phone while driving without using a hands-free headset.
“[The police] encourage all drivers to take part in the fight to reduce accidents,” a statement from the police reads in part. “[They can do this] by using the obvious safety equipment that seatbelts are, showing respect to other drivers by using turn signals, and using hands-free headsets for mobile phones.”
The police said furthermore that this campaign will be conducted over October, with figures on how many people were stopped to be published next month.

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