From Iceland — Don't Be Fooled: Microsoft Doesn't Call People

Don’t Be Fooled: Microsoft Doesn’t Call People

Published October 4, 2013

Microsoft in Iceland wants people to know: foreign “service representatives” who call you are more than likely scammers.
DV reports that Microsoft Iceland has received numerous phone calls from Icelanders who reported that “service representatives” from overseas have called them to let them know that their computers are infected with viruses. Those called are then instructed to visit a website and download software that will rid them of said viruses. However, the software in question is itself a virus.
In a statement from Microsoft Iceland, the company emphasises that they cannot see inside of peoples’ computers, and they do not call people unless they have already asked to be called.
The people making the calls, they say, are likely scammers trying to get people to install keyloggers – software which records what is typed on a keyboard, often sending this data to hackers – for the purpose of breaking into bank accounts, for example.
While it is unknown how many Icelanders have received these phone calls, let alone how many have fallen for the scam, at least three Microsoft employees have themselves been called by the alleged scammers.

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