From Iceland — Missing Cat Could Be Major Trouble

Missing Cat Could Be Major Trouble

Published September 25, 2013

A foreign cat went missing from a private plane at the Reykjavík Domestic Airport yesterday. The problem, however, is that importing live animals to Iceland is forbidden. The cat was actually in transit, so it technically was not entering the country.
“The cat does not have an import permit, nor does it fulfill the requirements of vaccinations and treatment. It has not been in quarantine, either. So it just came straight into the country,” Charlotta Oddsdóttir of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority explains. “Our concern is to do with disease prevention as it is in the country illegally.”
The Reykjavík Air-Ground Rescue Team has been looking for the cat since early yesterday morning.
The cat, who is called Nuk, belongs to Susanne Alsing, a Danish citizen. Susanne was on her way to the United States and stopped in the capital for the night.
“She was supposed to stay in the plane overnight. We left the plane door open two or three millimetres so Nuk could get some air,” Susanne tells The Grapevine. “Apparently Nuk was able to activate the stairs which then opened the door enough for her to get out.”
The cat in question is black with a white spot on her chest (photo above). She was last seen wearing a pink collar. Susanne invites anyone who wants to help in the search for her cat to take part. It is believed that the cat is still around the airport where she went missing yesterday. “Find Nuk, catch her and call me immediately. I will be there right away, day or night,” Susanne says. The owner is offering 100,000 ISK reward to whoever finds her lost cat.
Those who can provide information on the cat are asked to let Susanne know: 0045-21724824.

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