From Iceland — Aron And Emilía Most Popular Names For Newborns Last Year

Aron And Emilía Most Popular Names For Newborns Last Year

Published September 17, 2013

Larissa Kyzer

Aron and Emilía were the most popular name for newborns in Iceland in 2012, Morgunblaðið reports. Statistics Iceland regularly publishes reports on name popularity in Iceland: recent statistics show that 42 boys were named Aron last year; 32 girls were named Emilía (or Emelía). Both of these names were very popular in 2011 as well.
Statistics Iceland also collects data related newborn babies’ second names, as most Icelanders have “double names.” For 2012, the data show that Þór was by far the most popular second name for boys, followed by Logi and Ingi. So far, the most popular name combinations for boys in 2013 are Jón Þór, Gunnar Þór and Jón Ingi. These were also among the most common double names for boys in 2008.
Ósk and María were equally popular second names for girls, maintaining their previous favor, and Lilja was the third most popular second name for girls. The most common name combinations for girls so far in 2013 are Anna María, Anna Margrét and Anna Kristín. Again, these names were among the most popular double names five years ago.
Although some names have become more common in recent years, traditional names like Jón and Guðrún have pretty much always been popular with Icelanders. According to a count of all male names in Iceland in 2013, there were 5,324 Jón’s registered. Jón also won in a count of most popular first names for boys in 2008. Following closely behind are Sigurður and Guðmundur, which always rank high. In fact, despite a few ranking shifts in the last five years, the ten most popular male names in Iceland have remained the same. Women’s name popularity has also remained relatively consistent, with Guðrún being the most popular, followed by Anna and Kristín.
Statistics Iceland also collects statistics on the most common birthdays in Iceland, and has found that the vast majority of children are born, perhaps unsurprisingly, in the summer and fall. 51.6% of Icelandic birthdays fall between April and September. Including data from the start of this year, the most common Icelandic birthday is August 27, with 1,002 people born on that day. Only 208 people have been born on a leap day. 699 Icelanders have Christmas birthdays (sorry, guys) and 695 have New Year’s Eve birthdays.

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