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Get Your Shark Ice Cream Here!

Published August 17, 2013

Lucky patrons will today be able to try putrefied shark ice cream, toothpaste ice cream, and Doritos ice cream in Hveragerði today.
Vísir reports that today is Ice Cream Day in the town of Hveragerði.
The family celebration, co-hosted by ice cream company Kjörís with the town’s own Blooming Days festivities, has been a yearly treat for the south Iceland town.
Apart from the more traditional flavours that one might expect from an ice cream festival, patrons will also be able to try ice cream made from hákarl, the rotten shark that made Iceland famous; Doritos ice cream, toothpaste ice cream, and “elf ice cream”. It is unknown what flavour the elves have.
In addition to the ice cream, guests will also be entertained by musicians, and the “monster” series of characters that are the mascots of some of Kjörís’ flavours.
The car-less who want to check out the festivities can take the #12 bus from Hlemmur to the Mjódd bus terminal, and from there, take the #51 to Hveragerði.

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