From Iceland — Iceland Among Top 10 Most Atheist Countries

Iceland Among Top 10 Most Atheist Countries

Published July 25, 2013

Iceland is the 9th most atheist country according to an opinion poll conducted by WIN-Gallup International.
The poll posed the question “irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not, would you say you are a religious person, not a religious person or a convinced atheist?”
In responding to the question, Icelanders proved themselves to be 57% religious, 31% ‘not religious,’ and 10% atheist. The remaining 2% didn’t know how to respond. In 2005 74% of Icelanders polled had labeled themselves as ‘religious’, meaning there has been a drop of 17 percentage points in religiosity in the 7-year span between polls (the most recent polling took place in 2012).
The full top-10 list for most atheist countries is:

  1. China (47% convinced atheist)
  2. Japan (31% convinced atheist)
  3. Czech Republic (30% convinced atheist)
  4. France (29% convinced atheist)
  5. South Korea 15% convinced atheist)
  6. Germany (15% convinced atheist)
  7. Netherlands (14% convinced atheist)
  8. Austria (10% convinced atheist)
  9. Iceland (10% convinced atheist)
  10. Australia (10% convinced atheist)
  11. Ireland (10% convinced atheist)

WIN-Gallup International polled 51,927 people in 40 countries worldwide. The global tally found that 59% of those surveyed identified as ‘religious’, while 23% were ‘not religious,’ and 13% were ‘convinced atheist.’ The Icelandic sample size was 852 people.

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