From Iceland — No Shipping Company To Transport Whale Meat

No Shipping Company To Transport Whale Meat

Published July 23, 2013

No shipping companies are available to transport Iceland’s whale meat from the Netherlands onward to Japan.
Icelandic shipping company Samskip has for years transported the produce of Hvalur hf. from Iceland to the Netherlands but whalers have relied on another company to ship the mean onward to consumers in Japan, RÚV reports. But without a company to ship the meat to its final destination 130 tonnes of whale was recently returned to Iceland.
Hvalur hf. has said that they are looking into the matter of their produce being turned around after arriving in the Dutch port, however any issues the Dutch have with accepting or processing whale meat is of secondary concern, as it seems that no shipping company is willing to take on the task of transporting the controversial meat.

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