From Iceland — Ramsey Ruined The Night For Restaurant Goers

Ramsey Ruined The Night For Restaurant Goers

Published July 2, 2013

Guests at lounge bar Loftið, Reykjavík were made to leave their tables to make room for celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsey. “Embarrassment of the Month goes to Loftið,” Herdís Stefánsdóttir, told after she and her friends had an abrupt ending to their evening out on Saturday.

“We showed up early to get a table and were having a nice time but later in the evening, the waitresses put a “Reserved” note on our table and the surrounding tables. They looked foolishly excited as they told us that they were expecting celebrities and needed to clear the tables.”

Herdís said that a group sitting at the table next to hers had been celebrating a 40th birthday and were not amused, leaving the restaurant promptly without even finishing their drinks. “We were told to move over to the bar because there were no tables available anymore. We were not being asked to leave but to make room for the celebrities. The staff didn’t know how many these celebs were so they wanted to clear all the tables in the row at the back of the restaurant. Most of the guest just laughed at first, thinking it was some sort of a joke,” Herdís said. She and her friends finished their drinks at the bar and decided to go somewhere else to finish the evening but on their way out, they bumped into the awaited entourage.

“Ironically, it was none other than Gordon Ramsey, whose job is amongst other things to train restaurant staff to not make mistakes such as those the Loftið staff were doing, to make their general customers feel unwelcomed,” Herdís said and added that she went over to Ramsey, introduced herself and explained to him why they were all leaving.

“I’m not going to repeat what he said but I doubt he’ll visit Loftið again, any more than I and the others who were made to make room for the celebrities,” Herdís concluded.

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