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Fast Food Preferences Of Icelanders Revealed

Published June 25, 2013

Pizza is the fast food of choice for Icelanders, with twice as many people saying they would opt for a slice before reaching for a hamburger.
According to new information released by Market and Media Research (MMR) 42.5% of the 973 Icelanders surveyed order pizza when they’re dining on fast food. 20.3% go for a burger; 9.4% choose Thai, Indian or Chinese food; and 6.1% would opt for sushi. 10.9% of respondents lied and said they never order fast food.
While it’s not surprising that pizza is a fan favourite, the data gets more interesting when the demographics of fast food eaters are more closely examined. Men are more likely to eat a hamburger, and women are more likely to dine on sushi. Those who support the government are more likely to order pizza than those who do not (45% versus 39.6%); they are also less likely to eat sushi than those who do not support the government (3.8% versus 7.1%).
To wash down that fast food, the majority of Icelanders would reach for a frosty beer as their alcoholic beverage of choice. MMR surveyed 984 Icelanders 20-years of age and older and concluded that 42.3% prefer beer over other beverages, 18.7% would go for a glass of red, 14.5% for a glass of white, while 6.2% prefer the hard stuff.

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