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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Iceland’s New “Anti-Incest App”

Published April 23, 2013

Iceland’s new “Íslendingabók” app–now better known around the world as “Ishlandibubok” or Iceland’s “Anti-Incest App”–featured yesterday on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.
The app, as funny man Jimmy Kimmel explains, enables people to bump their phones together to find out if they are too related to “bump in bed.”
“Apparently incest is a big problem in Iceland because there are only 300,000 people in the country,” he says, further perpetuating the myth that we are a bunch of inbred Vikings. “If you need an app to avoid incest,” he says, “it’s time to move, right?”

Created by the company DeCODE Genetics and the anti-virus software entrepreneur Friðrik Skúlason, Íslendingabók is a database containing genealogical information about the inhabitants of Iceland for the last 1,200 years, according to its website.
“The project’s goal is to trace all known family connections between Icelanders from the time of the settlement of Iceland to present times and register the genealogical information in a database.”
The app is the outcome of a competition put on by DeCODE Genetics in collaboration with the University of Iceland to make Íslendingabók accessible on mobile devises in celebration of the database’s 10th anniversary.
Hurry up and get it now before you kiss your second cousin, marry your brother or have sex with your aunt. Available for Android only.

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