From Iceland — Blackwater Plane Landed at Reykjavík Airport

Blackwater Plane Landed at Reykjavík Airport

Published April 8, 2013

An airplane that was registered as belonging to the fleet of Blackwater was parked at the Reykjavík domestic airport this weekend.
Blackwater (now called ‘Academi’) is a private military company, and the largest of the US State Department’s private security contractors, and the plane in question is known to have been used in CIA rendition flights. Iceland’s participation in the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program was brought to light in February, when the Open Society published a report on all the countries that assisted the U.S. government in kidnapping, transporting and torturing prisoners of war and terrorism suspects. Iceland allowed the CIA access to its airspace and airports.
According to RÚV, the Blackwater plane that was in Reykjavík over the weekend was housing only three pilots and was making its way to Greenland. Ground services personel at the domestic airport would provide no further information.
Iceland Participated in CIA Extraordinary Rendition

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