From Iceland — Reykjavík Fight Club

Reykjavík Fight Club

Published February 25, 2013

Looks like somebody broke the first rule of fight club. Men in Reykjavík have been gathering at an undisclosed location in an industrial part of town to settle their differences with their fists. You know, like real men. reports that the club, which has been documented by t.v. journalist Sölvi Tryggvason, was established so that men of the Reykjavík underworld could fight for an audience without any set rules.
“The idea is that for instances where there has been an argument between two men, they can finish things once and for all with a fight, so long as they both agree to it,” said Sölvi. “The only rules are that both men are willing to fight and that they agree beforehand what is and isn’t allowed.”
TV station Skjárinn has released this clip of the action going down:

Without footage of the rule-setting portion of the fight available, one can assume it’s something like this:

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