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Animal Rights Advocate: Horse Taming Video Is Abuse

Published November 21, 2012

The director of the Animal Protection Organisation of Iceland (DÍ) has called a video of a woman supposedly “taming” a horse a clear case of animal abuse.
Earlier this week, a video of a horse tamer repeatedly whipping a horse was uploaded to YouTube, and was subsequently shared across Icelandic social media. Many expressed shock and horror at the repeated lashings the tamer in question gave the horse. While the video has since been pulled from YouTube – and the tamer in question has been fired – the director of DÍ has called the video a clear case of abuse.
Sif Traustadóttir, speaking on the radio show Reykjavík siðdegis, said that amongst the horse trainers she has spoken to about the video, the consensus has been that there was no “taming” involved.
“It looks like she’s just beating the horse,” she said, adding that the matter has since been reported to the police.
The horse tamer in question apparently graduated from the agricultural university in Hólar with honours, Vísir reports.

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