From Iceland — Icelandic Peace Activists Challenge NATO

Icelandic Peace Activists Challenge NATO

Published November 14, 2012

The Icelandic peace activist organisation Campaign Against Militarism (SHA) has issued NATO a challenge: no killing children for a whole month.
In a statement posted today on their website, SHA point out that “for the past eleven years, NATO has regularly engaged in attacks in Afghanistan, and lately in Pakistan, often with remote-controlled drones.”
Since NATO appears to have no intention of disengaging in the area any time soon, they write, they ask that the Icelandic Minister of Foreign Affairs present to NATO the idea of a “month-long challenge”.
The challenge in question would be for NATO “to resolve to kill no children” in December.
“It is certainly a bold challenge,” SHA writes. “In light of the fact that for more than a decade, not a week has gone by without NATO killing civilians – men, women and children. But there’s a first time for everything.”
They close by saying that they “trust the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs will gladly accept the proposal” and present it to NATO.

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