From Iceland — Former Partner Of Alleged Money Launderer Responds

Former Partner Of Alleged Money Launderer Responds

Published November 5, 2012

The former director of ICE-SAR, who resigned over allegations of money laundering, has contended that what is actually being heard on an audio recording leaked to the public is a real estate deal. The man who released the audio contends that this is completely untrue.
As reported, Guðmundur Örn Jóhannsson took a temporary leave of his position after audio was uploaded wherein he allegedly gives specific instructions on how to move tens of millions of krónur through ICE-SAR and into five hypothetical companies. The video, hosted on YouTube, also includes screencaps of emails from Guðmundur providing further instructions on money laundering.
Guðmundur contends that he did “nothing unethical”, and that “that’s just how business was at that time, in 2010.” By this he does not mean money laundering, however – he specifies that what is being heard is a real estate transaction, adding, “I was just my own man at this time and did business.”
The man who released the recording – who is also heard on the audio – has told DV that this is false.
“This money being discussed was not meant for any real estate deals in Los Angeles,” says Bóas Ragnar Bóasson. “It’s just foreign exchange fraud, very simple foreign exchange fraud bringing in billions. I was a pawn on the chess board, controlled and directed by others. I’m not downplaying my own responsibility in breaking the law. I took part in foreign exchange fraud, and have admitted to doing so to the police.”
Bóas recently revealed that he leaked the audio because a hired thug allegedly working for Guðmundur was after him. Police investigations are ongoing.

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