From Iceland — Iceland May Lend Power To Faeroe Islands

Iceland May Lend Power To Faeroe Islands

Published November 2, 2012

Officials from both countries have signed a willingness agreement that would run a power cable from Iceland to the Faeroe Islands.
As it stands now, the north Atlantic archipeligo gets about 60% of its electricity from oil, but its some 50,000 residents have been growing increasingly interested in renewable energy. That may become a reality in the near future, RÚV reports, with Iceland’s help.
Minister of Employment Steingrímur J. Sigfússon met with Faeroese officials and signed a willingness agreement which would extend a cable over the 700 km distance between the two countries, carrying electricity generated in Iceland by hydro- or geothermal power to the Faeroe Islands.
While the idea is not a new one – and has been bandied about for at least the past five years – Steingrímur told reporters that he believed the time had come to examine the economic feasibility of making the idea a reality. He estimates the cable could provide the Faeroese with anywhere from 50 to 70 kilowatts of power.

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