From Iceland — Reykjavík Mayor Wants Warships Banned From Harbour

Reykjavík Mayor Wants Warships Banned From Harbour

Published October 31, 2012

Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr wants military sea vessels banned from the capital’s harbour, among other details, as part of his vision of creating a “city of peace”.
When discussing the city’s budget, RÚV reports, Jón again brought up the idea that Reykjavík should be a “military-free zone”. This is an idea he has introduced previously, as a part of the “Mayors For Peace” project.
The mayor wants all military sea vessels banned from the capital harbour, all military aircraft banned from the local airport (including CIA rendition planes) and furthermore, expressed the belief that Iceland should withdraw from NATO altogether.
The mayor’s pacifist views are well-known to many Icelanders. As his 2010 proposal for a military-free capital read, “A peaceful and responsible city administration cannot be pleased with an unchanged situation at Reykjavík airport. The city government asks that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs focuses on seeing to it that all military traffic to and from the airport be stopped. Icelanders live by a centuries-old tradition of peace. The nation is peaceful, without an army, and strives to support peace in the world.”

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