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Mayor Celebrates Alcohol Service At Nursing Home

Published September 6, 2012

Reykjavík mayor Jón Gnarr was at the home for the elderly Hrafnista today for the ribbon-cutting of their new dance hall, replete with the alcohol they have been newly permitted to serve.
As reported, Guðmundur Hallvarðsson, the managing director of Hrafnista, told RÚV last July that he believed the time had come to allow the elderly to enjoy a glass or two of beer or wine should they so desire. Residents interviewed expressed a positive outlook on the idea.
However, the nursing home’s permission to sell alcohol was initially denied, albeit not because anyone believes the elderly should not be allowed to drink. Rather, the matter hinges on a legal technicality. Hrafnista is defined by law to be a residential institution; not a service institution, which could then be granted a liquor licence. Later last month, city council passed a measure granting them permission to sell alcohol.
Vísir now reports that Jón Gnarr formally opened Hrafnista’s new dance hall, Skálafell, today. He apologised for how long it took for the permission to be granted, but it didn’t appear residents held much of a grudge, as he had a beer with the director and residents alike.

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