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Skólavörðustígur Closed To Cars A Week Longer

Published August 17, 2012

Skólavörðustígur will remain closed to car traffic a week longer than was originally intended, city officials say, due to general satisfaction with making the street car-free.
As with last summer, this summer saw a long stretch of Laugavegur closed to car traffic, as well as the portion of Skólavörðustígur between Laugavegur and Bergstaðastræti.The intention behind the plan was to encourage people to take their time walking around downtown, as opposed to simply driving straight through it.
Vísir reports that Laugavegur will be open to cars again on August 20, but Skólavörðustígur between Laugavegur and Bergstaðastræti will remain closed a week longer.
There has been mixed reviews of the closing of downtown. Many merchants have said they have seen business increase, while others have reported the opposite. City officials are overall pleased with the move, and intend to close these streets the same time next year.

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