From Iceland — Iceland Recycles Lowest Percentage Of Cans

Iceland Recycles Lowest Percentage Of Cans

Published July 17, 2012

Iceland recycles the smallest percentage of aluminum cans of other Nordic countries, but is still above the European average.
Curbside recyclable pick-up is still relatively new in Iceland and not very widespread. For most Icelanders, cans for recycling for self-transported, and publicly available recycling bins are not commonly seen downtown. Perhaps unsurprising then, as DV reports, that Iceland ranked lowest among other Nordic countries when it comes to recycling aluminum cans.
Samál, the Icelandic Association of Aluminum Producers, released a statement on newly acquired data which shows that across Europe, can recycling increased by 2.4% in 2010, reflecting 66.7% of all cans produced.
Coming out on top in survey, which included the EU, EFTA and Turkey, was Germany, recycling 96% of their cans. The Nordic countries fared well, too, though – Finnland recycles 95% of their cans; Norway, 93%; Denmark, 89%; Sweden, 87%; and then Iceland, at 85%, putting the country in last place regionally, but still well above the European average.
Recycling aluminum has made great strides in Europe overall. Only 20 years ago, just 20% of cans were recycled. The 50% mark was broken in 2005, and it is projected that at the current pace, Europe will be recycling 75% of the aluminum cans it produces by 2015.

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