From Iceland — Weird Girls Project Release Two Videos

Weird Girls Project Release Two Videos

Published July 16, 2012

Iceland’s Weird Girls Project has just released videos they did for Converse in China, and will soon be working for Swatch.
As reported, Kitty Von Sometime went to China last March to film five episodes for Converse China. In a statement to the press at the time, the troupe said that “Converse China chose to support the project as the process of ‘letting go’ of personal boundaries is a new and appealing concept in China.”
Two of those videos have now been released, introducing the four colours from the Converse limited edition series, meant to represent the four classic elements of air, fire, water and earth. As their statement says:

The first video piece was filmed at the epic location of the Great Wall at Huahuangcheng. Water and Air meet. At first unsure if they are elementally matched, Water bows to Air knowing this is the only way it can lighten and fly.
The second video piece was filmed at night in Shanghai on a rooftop and focuses on a more conceptual visual style. Here Earth is represented by jewels, the form of our earth people forget. Gemstones are the hardest things on our planet which have taken billions of years to form under immense pressure and heat. They are regal and powerful and solid. Through the video piece Earth is solid and the women’s faces transmit strength.
Fire is fluid and comes and goes as it pleases. Flames dance with mischief as you watch them and Kitty used Fire with Earth in this piece as without fire and heat, the stones would not form – this solidity requires the fluid flame to be born.
A third video from the series featuring a clothing collection by Mundi and music by Sykur will be released in a month.

You can watch the videos below:

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