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Refugees Stow Away On Plane

Published July 9, 2012

Two asylum seekers from the Fit Hostel in Keflavík managed to board a plane bound for Denmark, but were discovered before the plane took off.
RÚV reports that the stowaways in question are two young men who arrived in Iceland about a year ago as asylum seekers. While stating at the time that they were minors, an age test conducted later showed that they were over the age of 18. Nothing else has been revealed about the stowaways at this time.
The two had somehow managed to board an Icelandair plane bound for Copenhagen, and locked themselves in the toilet. During a routine inspection before boarding, the toilet was found locked, and security was called to the scene. The two young men were apprehended and taken into police custody, where they remain.
The incident reflects a serious breach of security, and Isavia – the company which runs the airport – bears the ultimate responsibility. Isavia director Björn Óli Hauksson told reporters that the entire security process will be examined, but that he could not comment on the matter at this time.
Most stowaways trying to leave Iceland do so by ship, as was recently the case, when a pair of asylum seekers were caught on board an Eimskip ship in Sundahöfn harbour.

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