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Conservatives With Comfortable Lead

Published July 4, 2012

With parliamentary elections less than a year away, the Independence Party is polling strong enough to lead the government almost single-handedly, if elections were held today.
In a poll conducted by Capacent, respondents were asked which party they would vote for if today were the day of parliamentary elections. Of those who responded, 38% said they would vote for the Independence Party. This equates 30 seats out of a possible 63, and puts them within about 10% of polling strong enough to be able to lead the government single-handedly.
Of the current ruling coalition, the Social Democrats and the Leftist-Greens respectively are polling at 19% and 12%, a slight rise from the previous poll. This equates 14 seats for the Social Democrats and 9 seats for the Leftist-Greens.
The Progressives hold steady at 13%, giving them 10 seats in parliament. Among other parties, Solidarity polled at 5%, while Bright Future, Dawn and the Rightist-Greens polled at 4%.
The number of seats gained were the same when calculated from the land as a whole or by district. Parties receiving at least 5% attained one seat in parliament.

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