From Iceland — Vampire Reported In Reykjavík

Vampire Reported In Reykjavík

Published June 20, 2012

Police were called out to deal with the supernatural once again last night, as a vampire was reported to have broken into someone’s home.
RÚV reports that police were called last night to a house where a break-in had been reported. As the police were told the suspect was still in the house, they had rushed to the scene, and were greeted by a man who appeared terrified.
The man in question reported that there was a vampire in his home. Police searched the house and, although finding no vampire nor anyone else, told the man that should the vampire return, he should call the police at once. The man expressed gratitude for the assistance, and did not call the police again that night.
This is not the first time the police have been asked to confront supernatural beings. Last November, a man showing all signs of being a zombie was spotted in a neighbourhood grocery store, but was protected by his friends, who told police he was simply drunk.
Nonetheless, the police remain suspiciously reticent on just how prepared they are to deal with zombies. Their training when it comes to vampires is also unknown.

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