From Iceland — Vacationing Not So Inexpensive For Icelanders

Vacationing Not So Inexpensive For Icelanders

Published May 29, 2012

An Icelandic family that wants to go on vacation for a week within their own country, even if they opt for camping, can expect to pay a tidy sum.
According to data compiled by Viðskiptablaðið, a family of four vacationing within Iceland will have a number of expenses to consider. But even keeping things down to the bare essentials – petrol, food, and basic activities – this family can expect to pay 200,000 ISK for one week’s vacation.
This is even the case if they opt for camping – likely the cheapest form of accommodation apart from sleeping in the car – on four of those nights. The remaining three nights, the paper estimated the family staying at a guesthouse or in “farmer’s accommodation,” i.e., staying at a farmhouse.
All told, the largest expense was for food – 60,000 ISK – with accommodation coming in at about the same amount, followed by 40,000 ISK for various activities and 30,000 for petrol.

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