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David Lynch To Lecture On Meditation

Published May 7, 2012

Director David Lynch will be giving a lecture on and answering questions about transcendental meditation (TM), live via Skype, this Wednesday.
David Lynch, apart from writing and directing numerous films, is also an avid practitioner of TM, telling Grapevine in an exclusive interview that he has meditated twice a day for the last 36 years. Lynch visited Iceland in 2009 to spread the word about the meditation practice, touting its virtues as beneficial for body and mind.
Since then, nearly 1,400 Icelanders have sought to learn TM, the Icelandic Transcendental Meditation Society contends. Morgunblaðið reports that Lynch will be “returning” to Iceland, in a manner of speaking, this Wednesday.
The Icelandic Transcendental Meditation Society will host a live Skype broadcast at Gamla bíó this Wednesday at 19:30. There, Lynch will be speaking on the subject of and answering questions about TM. There will also be a musical performance, and clips from a new documentary by Lynch about TM founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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