From Iceland — Says MP Steered The Pots And Pans Revolution

Says MP Steered The Pots And Pans Revolution

Published February 27, 2012

A former chief constable now seeking to be vice chairman of the Independence Party says that according to his research, certain members of parliament led and manipulated the Pots and Pans Revolution of 2009. Numerous members of parliament have denied the allegation, demanding to see the evidence for the charge.
Geir Jón Þórisson, who used to be chief constable, announced last week that he will be running for vice chairman of the Independence Party. He is also working on a special report about the Pots and Pans Revolution for the police. Yesterday, he announced that he believes certain members of parliament were in direct contact with key members of the protests, which ultimately unseated the Independence Party from power.
Numerous members of parliament and public figures have spoken out against the allegations.
Minister of the Interior Ögmundur Jónasson, writing for Smugan, said that it was out of the question to tell thousands of people that they had merely been controlled by a few MPs, adding, “It is sad to see that when [Geir] now leaves the police, he lifts up stereotypes that only serve to open old wounds.”
Journalist Illugi Jökulsson added, “There are obviously people who believe that nothing can arise spontaneously, least of all among individuals. That everything must be controlled from smoke-free rooms.”
Leftist-Green MP Álfheiður Ingadóttir has demanded Geir make public his evidence for these charges, saying that his accusations were “absurd”.

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