From Iceland — Parliamentarian Name Declared Legal

Parliamentarian Name Declared Legal

Published February 20, 2012

The Name Committee has rejected a name on the grounds that it was intended for the wrong gender, and the name of a member of parliament has finally been declared legal.
According to the latest rulings from the Name Committee, the name Ektavon (literally “true/original hope”) has been rejected as a possible boy’s name. This is due to the fact that the second part of the name is not only a feminine word, but is also registered as a female name. However, the committee did issue a compromise of sorts, in approving it as a middle name.
The name Siv was also finally declared legal. Icelanders do have an equivalent name, Sif, but there is also a Progressive member of parliament with the name Siv Friðeleifsdóttir. She was able to bear this name, despite it not being legally recognised in Iceland, because she was born in Norway. The name Siv can be declined in Icelandic grammar, and there are at least 15 Icelanders with the name Siv already, about half of them over the age of 30. The committee therefore ruled that Siv could be allowed.
The middle name Helgfell and the first names Úlftýr (male), Voney (female), Amír (male) and Ermenga (female) were all approved. Nicoletta (female) was rejected, as there is no letter “c” in Icelandic.

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