From Iceland — Iceland Among World's Safest Countries

Iceland Among World’s Safest Countries

Published February 17, 2012

A company specialising in risk assessment has concluded that Iceland is among the safest countries in the world.
The company who performed the assessment, Red24, describe themselves as having “an unparalleled reputation for providing a comprehensive range of security solutions to corporate members wanting to minimise the risks to their personnel, operations and profitability, and to affiliates wanting to add a truly unique benefit to their product or service.”
According to their latest report, Iceland is among the seven safest countries in the world, based on domestic stability and the low chance of terrorism. The other countries in the top seven are Canada, Australia, Finland, Botswana, Ghana and Uruguay.
The report is a part of Red24’s “threat forecast”, which attempts to predict unrest before it happens. Large portions of South America, Africa and the Middle East were considered to be high risk areas, but so also were Russia and Mexico, while the US, China and most of Europe were considered “medium risk”. The four most dangerous countries in the world – the only four to be ranked in the bottom tier – are Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Red24 also addressed the upcoming Olympics in London, stating, “the UK terrorist threat level, currently rated as ‘substantial’, is very likely to rise to ‘severe’ (the second-highest classification level on a five-step scale) ahead of the event. Although no specific intelligence has emerged thus far to suggest a terrorist attack is being planned, high-profile and historic events, such as the Olympics, remain preferential targets for groups and individuals willing to stage some sort of ‘spectacular’ attack to raise their profile and advance their cause.”

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