From Iceland — Couple Who Swindled Millionaire Now Contend It Was Roleplay

Couple Who Swindled Millionaire Now Contend It Was Roleplay

Published February 14, 2012

An Icelandic-American couple who allegedly defrauded a wealthy composer of millions of dollars now contend that it was all “roleplay”, and that their victim knew all along that the story was pure fiction.
As reported in 2010, Vickram Bedi and Helga Ingvarsdóttir extorted composer and heir Roger Davidson of millions of dollars over a period of six years. The extortion started after Bedi was hired with the task of fixing one of Davidson’s computers. Bedi and Helga allegedly told Davidson that there was spyware on the computer, and then expanded upon this. Before it was all over, Davidson paid millions to the couple for protection against everyone from the Russian secret service to Opus Dei.
The couple are in prison now, and while Helga plead guilty a month after her arrest, she will likely not be sentenced before Bedi is.
Initially, Bedi defended himself by saying that Davidson was delusional, and addicted to pornography. Lohud now reports that Bedi contends Davidson was in fact aware the entire time that every word the couple told him was false – that it was all an elaborate roleplay that Davidson willingly took part in.

[Bedi’s attorney Anthony] Giordano, in his papers, claimed Davidson has been under psychiatric care for years, with obsessive thoughts that people wanted to harm him. The papers said Davidson uses fantasy play acting to calm his anxiety.
Bedi became an unwitting participant in Davidson’s play acting, his lawyer argued. When Bedi tried to cut ties, Davidson offered “substantial money” to continue. To protect himself, Bedi had Davidson sign papers acknowledging that Bedi would and could tell false stories to Davidson.
“It was to protect Mr. Bedi from exactly what occurred in this case,” the defense papers stated. “Roger Davidson knew that all discussions can be considered to be fictitious and understood this prior to signing the contract.”

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