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Mother And Son Horse Meat Thieves Arrested

Published February 13, 2012

A daring mid-day robbery attempt of several kilos of horse meat was thwarted in part by a quick-thinking supermarket employee, and in part by the incompetence of the thieves in question.
DV reports that on Saturday afternoon at the Bónus supermarket in Selfoss, a young man rushed out of the store with his arms full of horse meat. An employee chased the man into the parking lot.
The man in question headed to a car, in which two women were waiting. The woman driving, seeing the man approaching with a Bónus employee chasing him, attempted to flee the scene, but was unable to get away.
The driver got out of the car at that time, and the young man got behind the wheel, driving off. A short distance away, he dumped the horse meat in some bushes and returned to the scene to pick up the woman who was driving, but police were already waiting.
Arresting officers discovered that the woman and man were mother and son. Drugs were found in the car, and both confessed to being under the influence, as well as to stealing the horse meat.

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