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New Names Added To The Approval List

Published December 30, 2011

The Name Committee has approved a whole new batch of names.
The Name Committee, which falls under the authority of the Ministry of the Interior, is in charge of deciding if new names submitted to the lexicon may be approved for legal use. The two main criteria the committee uses are that it must be possible to decline the name in accordance with Icelandic grammar, or the name must have a certain amount of usage in the past.
December has apparently been a busy month for the committee, as they have convened three times to discuss the potential legality of some new names.
In accordance with their findings, you may now name your Icelandic-born child the following:
Silli (boy), Fjarki (boy), Sæi (boy), Kaspar (boy), Gunnharða (girl), Ólivía (girl), Sólín (girl), Þeódís (girl), Koggi (boy), Marínó (boy), Krossdal (middle name only), Jósebína (girl), Trú (girl), Aðaldal (middle name only), Bertram (boy) or Tía (girl).

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