From Iceland — Rooster Ban Put On Hold

Rooster Ban Put On Hold

Published December 21, 2011

A proposed ordinance that would have greatly restricted owning a rooster in Akureyri was sent back to committee for review, thanks in part to a visit from an actual rooster.
As reported, Akureyri town council has proposed that no one will any longer be allowed to own a rooster as a pet unless they own a legally registered farm. People will also be required to apply for a licence for a chicken house, and receive permission from neighbours to own such animals. Chairman of the environmental department of Akureyri Jón Birgir Gunnlaugsson told reporters that the ordinance was necessary after the town council received a number of complaints from townspeople about the noise made by their neighbours’ roosters.
Not everyone agrees with the proposal, however, least of all Sigurvin Jónsson, proud owner of Hrófli, an 18-month old rooster – actually the only rooster in Akureyri old enough to crow. “It’s not like there’s a chicken in every house, and no one has complained about Hrófli, so I don’t understand why they need this regulation,” Sigurvin told reporters. “Shouldn’t we then ban all animals that make noises, like dogs and cats?”
Nonetheless, it seemed as though the passage of the ordinance was a done deal. That is, until the proposal was brought before town council yesterday, and Hrófli made an appearance, taking to the podium with town councilperson Sigurður Guðmundsson. Town council was caught off guard, and discussed the matter of pet law further. It came to light that according to town law, it is illegal to own rabbits in Akureyri – despite the fact that rabbits are a fairly common pet, and it is possible to buy rabbits from the local pet store.
Town council came to the conclusion that their pet laws were in need of some fine tuning, and so voted to send the proposed rooster regulation back to committee to be reviewed. Hrófli will now at least be able to enjoy Christmas and New Years at home.

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