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Betri Reykjavík Website May Break Privacy Laws

Published November 22, 2011

Betri Reykjavík Website May Break Privacy Laws
A political scientist believes the format of the website Betri
Reykjavík may violate Icelandic laws regarding individual privacy.
The website in question invites city residents to register and post their ideas for how to make the city a better place. Users may also vote “Support” or “Against” on the ideas of others. Once a month, city council takes up 16 ideas posted on the site for discussion.
However, political scientist Haukur Arnþórsson believes the very structure of the site may break privacy laws.
Haukur points out that the personal information of those registered on the site is readily available, which is by itself not illegal, but their identities are also attached to their political beliefs. In so doing, he argues, the site is “unethical and possibly illegal,” in that politicians could use this information to their advantage in targeting particular individuals in campaigning.
Betra Ísland works in much the same way, and if Betri Reykjavík is legally compelled to change the way they handle personal information, Betra Ísland may also have to do the same.

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