From Iceland — Conservative MP Displeased With Occupy Reykjavík

Conservative MP Displeased With Occupy Reykjavík

Published November 15, 2011

A conservative MP, writing on Facebook and speaking to Morgunblaðið, likens the Occupy Reykjavík movement to a “performance piece” and accused the city of Reykjavík of disrespect for parliament.
Occupy Reykjavík, which is a part of the global Occupy movement, has only been in action for a few weeks now, but is already drawing the ire of at least one legislator.
MP for the Independence Party Ragnheiður Ríkharðsdóttir, writing on her Facebook page, posted the status: “Terrible view of Austurvöllur which shows unbelievable disrespect from the city of Reykjavík towards the Icelandic parliament.” By this, she refers to the fact that the park in front of parliament – which is owned by the city – is occupied by a few protesters in tents who were granted permits by city officials.
Expanding on her point, she aimed her criticism at the Occupy movement itself.
“Do people think this is some kind of performance piece?,” adding that Occupy protests elsewhere have been in front of financial institutions rather than legislative bodies. “So can any kind of performance piece be held in Austurvöllur, or any other public space then?”

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