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Whale Meat Sales At Airport Stopped

Published November 4, 2011

Minke whale meat, which was being sold at Keflavík airport despite being illegal for import in many countries, will no longer be available for sale in the departure lounge.
Just last week, it was brought to light that the “Inspired By Iceland” store in the departure lounge of Keflavík International Airport was selling minke whale meat to people leaving the country. Minke whale meat is illegal for import in many countries around the world, including the US.
The Animal Welfare Institute reported: “U.S. citizens were told erroneously by store staff that they could legally import the product into the United States. In fact, such citizens could face arrest and prosecution under several U.S. laws for illegal wildlife trade. Travelers returning with whale meat to the European Union or many other nations that comply with a ban on international trade in whale products would face similar penalties.”
The Guardian now reports that within hours of the Foreign Office warning British citizens of the penalties they could face for bringing minke whale meat into the country, the meat was made unavailable in the departure lounge of the airport.
For more on the whaling controversy, read this interview with UK IFAW Director Rob Marsland.

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