From Iceland — Police Silent On Zombie Preparedness

Police Silent On Zombie Preparedness

Published November 1, 2011

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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Rebecca Conway

In light of a possible zombie sighting in Reykjavík last night, Grapevine has learned that capital police are possibly not prepared at all for a potential zombie attack. An expert on the subject believes the answer may lie with a civilian militia.

As reported, a man was spotted in a grocery store last night showing all the signs of being a zombie. Police were dispatched to the scene, but his friends claimed the suspect was merely drunk, and he was allowed to be escorted off the premises.

Grapevine contacted Reykjavík police and asked how prepared they were for a potential outbreak of one or more zombies. The official Grapevine spoke to responded, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you. You’ll have to look elsewhere.”

While the level of police preparedness for a zombie outbreak remains unanswered, esteemed zombie expert Nanna Árnadóttir told the Grapevine that the police may not even be necessary for dealing with zombies.

“Luckily there are roughly 33 guns per 100 people in Iceland, so there are resources available to civilians,” she told us. “I would recommend some other form of weapon, bats and the like.” She said that in the event of one or a few zombies, guns would probably suffice.

Nanna added that being an island nation, Iceland might appear to be safe from foreign zombies. “But everyone else in Europe would think the same, which is why Iceland is vulnerable.”

She believes police should be trained to look for the signs that a suspect might be a zombie, and how to act accordingly. “It’s not too different from containing a mob of drunkards, except they want to cannibalise you.”
Nanna is the author of Zombie Iceland, a book that provides an object-lesson in how zombies behave, and how they can be best dealt with.

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