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Exterminator Receiving More Calls

Published October 11, 2011

One profession that is seeing business increasing is pest control; in particular, with regard to rats.
Iceland is not a country known to have a bug problem. Yellow jackets are a recent addition to the insect community, and cockroaches are rarely encountered. Rats also used to be considered an uncommon sight, but lately, calls to the exterminator to get rid of them have increased.
One exterminator in Reykjavík reports that he has been receiving an increasing number of calls to homes and businesses to deal with rat infestations.
This rising trend began during the summer, and exterminator Smári Sveinsson believes it may be because of the number of abandoned houses and buildings in the city. He emphasises that such places need to be checked regularly for infestation.
The official city committee in charge of pest control denies that there has been an increase in the number of rats in the city.

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