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South Icelanders Review Emergency Plan

Published September 8, 2011

While people all over Iceland speculate about the chances of a new eruption, those living near possible eruption sites are preparing for the real thing.
Elín Einarsdóttir, who lives in Mýrdalshreppur, explains, “I think that people are stoic, those who constantly live with this,” referring to the perpetual threat of an eruption.
“We’re going over all of our response plans,” she said. “We’re doing a fairly good job of practicing for this. We’ve been on top of this for decades now.”
A volcano going off could mean anything for those who live in this region – flooding, ash clouds, possibly even lava flow – and the importance of preparedness cannot be over-emphasised. In the past 18 months alone, residents in the area have dealt with two ash clouds and flooding.
Elín believes talk of the volcano is scaring tourists away, but the tourists that she knows view the possibility of an eruption as exciting. “Some people look at it as an experience of life on our volcanic island.”

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