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Third Of Voters Support Government

Published September 2, 2011

One-third of the electorate supports the ruling coalition, according to a new poll from Gallup, while support for the Leftist-Greens has declined.
Voter dissatisfaction remains very high – 14% said that they would either submit a blank ballot or not vote at all, while another 14% said they were undecided.
Among those who had decided on an existing party, 17% said they support the Progressives, 3% support The Movement, 22% support the Social Democrats and, coming out as once again the largest party in the country, 36% support the Independence Party.
While these figures are relatively unchanged from last month, there was one difference: 14% said the supported the Leftist-Greens, but they have hovered within the 16-19% window for the past year, and polled at 22% before the elections in 2009. In fact, they have not polled this low since July 2007.
Finally, while 34% said they support the Social Dem/Leftist-Green ruling coalition, 9% expressed a willingness to support a party not currently in parliament. This leaves a fairly wide swath of the electorate open to such parties as the Best Party, the nationalist Iceland First, or even the theoretical centre-right green internationalist party that ex-Progressive MP Guðmundur Steingrímsson described.

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