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Police Concerned About Vespa Use

Published September 1, 2011

The use of electric Vespas is growing more popular in Reykjavík, and this has police concerned about public safety.
Electric vespas are increasing in popularity here in the capital. They are efficient, relatively inexpensive, ideal for inner city travel and, thanks to the way electricity is produced in Iceland, environmentally friendly.
However, not everyone drives these Vespas with an equal sense of responsibility. For example, it is not uncommon to see people riding Vespas down the sidewalks of Reykjavík and, as they are virtually silent, this makes the practice all the more dangerous, for drivers and pedestrians alike.
Police concern over the irresponsible use of Vespas was brought to light when they posted this photo on their Facebook page. Here, we see three people on a Vespa, without helmets, driving against traffic.
Police encourage people who do buy or rent electric Vespas to acquaint themselves with the safety regulations and the laws that come with this vehicle. Part of the problem, though, is with the law itself.
Electric Vespas are classified as bicycles in Iceland. This means that, despite being able to achieve speeds of up to 25 KPH, they can be driven on the sidewalk. Many Icelanders were furious to learn this from the police, and have called for a change in the law, which would classify them under the same category as a petrol-fuelled Vespa.

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